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Naturally carbonated, probiotic beverage made from a mixture of selective organic Tea, water and cane sugar with countless health benefits


Blend of coffee and kombucha! This roasty, fizzy drink is a cold brew coffee that is fermented for 7-10 days with thehelp of SCOBY .


Fermented, naturally carbonated drink made with probiotic-rich water kefir grains that contain a healthy mix of beneficial bacteria and yeast. 

What Makes Kombucha An awesome drink



Lactose Free

Non Alcoholic

6 months shelf life

Glutten Free

and ofcourse,

It's super tasty

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Lemon & Ginger Kombucha

Our lemon-ginger kombucha is a combination of sweet and tart, pungent and zesty.

Rs 360 (Pack of 2)

Peach & Vanilla Kombucha

Sweet, fizzy, and bursting with fruity flavours, our peach-vanilla kombucha is a light and refreshing treat for a hot summer day.

Rs 360 (Pack of 2)

Orange-Mint Kombucha

A perfectly balanced drink that’s not too strong or too sour, our orange mint kombucha is a unique balance of citric and sweet.

Rs 360 (Pack of 2)

Blue Pea Lavender Kombucha

Butterfly Bluepea flower in combination with the benefits of Kombucha is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that stimulates immunity and ensures skin and hair health while the floral notes of lavender will soothe your mind and soul.

Rs 360 (Pack of 2)

Mango Mystic Kombucha

The intense sweetness of mangos masks the sourness of the kombucha, making it a deliciously lip-smacking drink.

Rs 400 (Pack of 2)

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Lychee Lime Kefir

Sweet lychees are mixed with citrusy lemons and infused into Cal-brew’s base kefir for this refreshing treat!

Rs 300 (Pack of 2)

Blueberry Kefir

A little sweet and a little tart, the fresh and fruity character of the blueberries gives this drink a robust flavour while being packed with antioxidants.

Rs 300 (Pack of 2)

Mojito Mint Kefir

A minty fresh and tasty drink that’s sure to awaken your senses, our mojito mint kefir is a unique balance of citric and sweet, and  refreshing.

Rs 300 (Pack of 2)

Kokum Cumin Kefir

Our kokum cumin kefir is the perfect balance of sweet, warming flavour with a nutty element. The natural spicy flavour of the cumin adds a rich, earthier tone to the drink masking the sourness of the kefir and the kokum.

Rs 300 (Pack of 2)

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Cinnamon Vanilla

Rs 360 (Pack of 2)