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Mojito Mint Kefir


A minty fresh and tasty drink that’s sure to awaken your senses, our mojito mint kefir is a unique balance of citric and sweet, and  refreshing.

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Special instructions:

The best time to drink water kefir is on empty stomach at the start of the day. As a result, it improves gut health and digestion. You may also consume at night before bed. Kefir contains trytophan, an amino acid which can promote better sleep.

Always Refrigerate and drink chilled.

Start with 100ml a day. Once the body get accustomed to it, you can introduce it to your diet daily

Serving instructions:

Since our product is raw and has live bacteria, it needs to be refrigerated at a consistent temperature, ideally 40° F.
Kefir tastes best served cold.

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