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Mango Mystic Kombucha


The intense sweetness of mangos masks the sourness of the kombucha, making it a deliciously lip-smacking drink.
The high levels of fibre and vitamin C in mangoes promote a healthy immune system, improve eye health, and fight chronic and inflammatory

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Special instructions:

If you’re a kombucha newbie, start off by drinking 4-oz portions 1-3 times a day.
Drinking large amounts without easing yourself into it can cause an upset stomach as kombucha changes your gut’s microbiome.
You can dilute it with fresh fruit juice to soften the flavour.
Kombucha anytime through the day:
-With meals to aid in digestion.

-Mid-day or post-workout for an energy boost.

-As a nightcap as a healthier alternative to alcohol.

-To get the best probiotic potency, drink kombucha on an empty   stomach in the mornings.

Serving instructions:

Since our product is raw and has live bacteria, it needs to be refrigerated at a consistent temperature, ideally 40° F.
Kombucha tastes best served cold.

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